Apples Mania: Apple Catcher is an endless Arcade Game for mobile devices!

A fun addictive casual arcade game where your target is to catch as many apples as you can using a box you move by taping on the screen. You will need fast fingers and fast reflexes to make it to the top. Randomly power-ups and fabled golden apples spawn to help you with your tasks also you can use the in-game bonus to increase your odds and help you beat your best score.


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Unlimited Brainless Fun

Our game features:


Use the power-ups that appear randomly to help you.

Golden Apples

The very rare Golden Apple that instantly heals you and is worth a lot of points!

Free to Use

Our game is free with Rewarded Video Ads that you can chose to watch instead of being forced to!

Bonus System

Watching Ads gives you a Bonus for a certain time span to the spawn rate of both Golden Apples and Power-Ups!

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